Land of Macar

The heart and home of Ladotyri is the Greek Island of Lesvos, often referred to as Mytilini - the capital and port of the island. It is a favorite destination for artists, romantics, and food lovers, with countless scenic villages & beaches, medieval castles, and an incredible cuisine filled with unique Mediterranean flavors.

Located amidst the Northern Aegean Sea, the secret behind the island’s exclusive tastes is its advantageous geography. Lesvos is blessed with abundant lands that yield crops with exotic qualities, as a result of the surrounding Greek Sea and Sun.

“Dairy produced on the on the Island of Lesvos is considered to be of the finest quality in Greece.”

The exclusive flavor and aroma of the local milk is derived from the local livestock, which graze on the island’s green pastures and enjoy its rich nutrients. Spicy hints of grass, the saltiness of the sea, and the purity of the fresh milk can all be sensed in one drop.

For this reason, Ladotyri Mytilinis P.D.O. is distinguished as a product of protected designation of origin, and can only be made using local sheep and goat milk from the island.

Royal King Macar

In the Iliad, Homer refers to Lesvos as “Macaros Edos” which translates to “the Seat of Macar”, in reference to the first king of Lesvos in ancient Greek mythology. King Macar gave the names of his children to some of the picturesque towns that are present to this day - Antissa, Arisbe, Methymna, Mytilini, Pyrra, and Erresos.

In honor of King Macar, our company, MACAR Fine Products, bears his name with great pride for Lesvos, its history, and timeless beauty. No name could be more fitting to compliment the fine quality of our products and to remind us of the importance of keeping tradition alive.