Ladotyri Selection

With one bite, taste the luxurious union of some of the finest Greek flavors...
Ladotyri matured in Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil, both exclusive products of protected Greek origin (P.D.O), especially joined together by MACAR for gourmet lovers with eclectic taste.

Enjoy Three
Exceptional Flavors


The longer Ladotyri remains immersed in olive oil, the more unique it becomes. The passing of time is marked by a very distinct sharpness and an intense aroma, while the olive oil adopts a robust, peppery taste that makes for the perfect dressing or finishing oil.

Great Things Come In Small Quantities

With only a limited number of quantities produced each year due to the importance placed on the island’s premium milk seasonality, MACAR guarantees the premium quality and exclusivity of its products. Each glass jar we lovingly prepare is handled with great care and marked by an exclusive annual production number.

Ladotyri Classic

The classic label of MACAR Ladotyri is the signature flavor, by which the cheese and maturing practice is recognized. It is by far the vanguard of all other flavors to follow, as it captures the true essence of each ingredient. The sharp, spicy flavor of the cheese is accentuated by the bold flavor of the Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil of the highly praised Koroneiki variety.

  • • Serve as appetizer with cold-cut plate or pair with any Mediterranean salad
  • • Drink with ice-chilled Ouzo or crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc
  • • Drizzle olive oil over roasted vegetables or use as finishing oil

Net Weight 320gr

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Ladotyri Basil

The pairing of basil and ladotyri is a match truly made in heaven. Basil lovers who crave its sweet, yet savory taste are sure to fall in love with the MACAR Basil label. The sharpness of the cheese is blanketed ever so gently by the green, slightly minty aroma, leaving a mouth-watering sensation for more.

  • • Serve as appetizer with cold-cut plate or pair with any Mediterranean-style salad
  • • Drink with a cold glass of Pinot Grigio
  • • Drizzle olive oil over pasta dishes, chicken, or blend with cream/tomato sauce

Net Weight 320gr

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Ladotyri Truffle

The MACAR Truffle label offers a very modern twist to traditional Ladotyri Mytilinis. The earthy aroma of truffle merges with the grassy notes of the olive oil to create a truly divine flavor – initially soft on the palette before leaving a pungent aftertaste that pleasantly stays with you.

  • • Serve as appetizer or pair with rocket/pine nut salad
  • • Drink with vintage Champagne, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon
  • • Drizzle olive oil over mashed potatoes, pasta dishes, or beef

Net Weight 320gr

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Food Service

Specialty restaurants, hotel chains, and other professionals in the food service industry seeking bulk quantities can enjoy 3 whole MACAR Ladotyri Mytilinis PDO cheese heads of the classic flavor, matured in Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil. Enhance your cuisine by adding Ladoytri, olive oil, or both to your next Mediterranean-style dish.

Cut or serve as you please – present the cheese as an exclusive appetizer with a chilled glass of Moscato white wine or Chardonnay, pair it with exotic salads, or use the cheese-infused olive oil to finish and accentuate the flavor of your dishes.

Net Weight 5.5kg

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