The Secret Behind Our Exclusive Dairy

August 11, 2017

The premium quality and exotic characteristics of our Ladotyri cheese can be understood with just one bite. Beyond the incredible olive oil that blankets the cheese, it is clear that there is something very unique which distinguishes the cheese itself…a unique sharpness that seems to tell a story or and hints of exotic origins.

The secret behind this flavor is the remarkable geographic location of the Greek Island of Lesvos – the heart & home of MACAR Ladotyri. Located amidst the Northern Aegean Sea, Lesvos is blessed with abundant lands that yield crops with exotic qualities, as a result of the surrounding Greek Sea and Sun.

The exotic flavor and aroma of the local milk is derived from the local livestock, which graze on the island’s green pastures and enjoy its rich nutrients. In fact, dairy produced on the on the Island of Lesvos is considered to be of the finest quality in Greece. Spicy hints of grass, the saltiness of the sea, and the purity of the fresh milk can all be sensed in one drop.

For this reason, Ladotyri Mytilinis P.D.O. is distinguished as a product of protected designation of origin, and can only be made using a local island blend of sheep and goat milk.

Beyond this, at MACAR Fine Product we give particular emphasis to the seasonality of the island’s milk, which is exceptional in the spring, during which livestock graze on the island’s fresh fields and produce milk distinctly rich in flavor & aroma, as a result of the surrounding climate.

MACAR produces Ladotyri during this period, thus restricting the annual quantity, but ensuring the premium level of quality.