The Magic Behind Maturing our Cheese in Olive Oil

October 22, 2017

MACAR Fine Products is proud to offer the world a unique specialty cheese that truly stands alone. Reviving this forgotten treasure from the Greek Island of Lesvos has been a true labor of love. Stretched across three central locations of Greece, the MACAR family works endlessly to offer the world a product with not one, but two luxury Greek elements, through the union of Ladotyri P.D.O. with Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil P.D.O. From our cheesemakers in Lesvos to our olive farmers in Kalamata, the MACAR family is united by our passion for premium quality.

Our cheese is made by traditional methods, the highest quality standards, and with the vast knowledge of our certified cheesemakers in Lesvos. Great significance is given to the seasonality of the island’s milk, which is exceptional in the spring, during which livestock graze on the island’s abundant fields and produce milk distinctly rich in flavor & aroma, as a result of the surrounding climate.

Every step of the process undertaken to produce MACAR Ladotyri is a labor of love. Fresh sheep and goat milk is collected daily from local farms matching our superior quality standards and delivered to our cheesemakers. After being formed, cut, heated, and rested, cheese curds are hand pressed into small barrel-shaped molds, which give the cheese its characteristic shape.

Once the cheese has set, it is then removed from the molds, salted and air-dried for at least three months, during which it loses about 40% of its moisture. The cheese is then completely covered with Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil PDO for continued maturation. The end result is a truly exquisite cheese that becomes increasingly sharper as it remains immersed in olive oil, which in turn transforms into a cheese-infused splendor.