Introducing MACAR Fine Products

June 19, 2017

MACAR Fine Products is proud to introduce to the world an ancient treasure from the Greek Island of Lesvos. Ladotyri, meaning olive oil cheese in Greek, is a luxurious specialty cheese that is naturally matured in olive oil, reaching a flavor like no other in the specialty cheese classification.

In ancient times, the need to preserve cheese led the islanders to store in traditional clay pots filled with olive oil. An incredible maturing practiced was soon discovered. Similar to ageing wine, the flavor became increasingly more unique with the passing of time.

MACAR has revived this extraordinary tradition with the highest quality standards and several benefits that go beyond flavor.

Made exclusively from a unique blend of local sheep and goat milk on the island, the cheese itself is distinguished as a product of protected designation of origin (PDO). To complement its premium quality, MACAR has paired it with one of the finest olive oils in the world by maturing it in Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil P.D.O.

As it matures, MACAR Ladotyri develops into a hard cheese with a very distinct sharpness and intense aroma, while the olive adopts a robust, peppery taste that makes for the perfect dressing or finishing oil.

Two exclusive products of protected designation of Greek origin, joined together by MACAR for gourmet lovers with eclectic taste. Add a hint of luxury to your table by enjoying any of three exceptional flavors – Classic, Basil, or Truffle, and discover the finer things in life.