Discover Our Signature Flavors

January 9, 2018

For MACAR Fine Products, nothing is more important that the quality & flavor of our cheese selection. We take pride in every aspect – from the milk selection & season, to the flavors infused in our premium Greek olive oil. Discover our first three exquisite Ladotyri flavors…

The classic label of MACAR Ladotyri is the signature flavor, by which the cheese and maturing practice is recognized. It is by far the vanguard of all other flavors to follow, as it captures the true essence of each ingredient. The sharp, spicy flavor of the cheese is accentuated by the bold flavor of the Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil of the highly praised Koroneiki variety. Enjoy it as an appetizer with an ice-chilled Ouzo like the locals on the Greek Island of Lesvos or a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Make sure to also drizzle the olive oil over a fresh Mediterranean-style salad or roasted vegetables.

The pairing of basil and Ladotyri is a match truly made in heaven. Basil lovers who crave its sweet, yet savory taste are sure to fall in love with the MACAR Basil label. The sharpness of the cheese is blanketed ever so gently by the green, slightly minty aroma leaving a mouth-watering sensation for more. Accentuate this flavor with a cold glass of Pinot Grigio and remember that our Basil-infused olive oil is the perfect finishing touch to cream/tomato sauce, pasta dishes, and chicken.

The MACAR Truffle label offers a very modern twist to traditional Ladotyri. The earthy aroma of truffle merges with the grassy notes of the olive oil to create a truly divine flavor – initially soft on the palette before leaving a pungent aftertaste that will pleasantly stay with you. Served as an appetizer or paired with a rocket/pine nut salad, you won’t find a better Truffle/cheese pairing. For a truly remarkable flavor, drizzle our Truffle-infused olive oil over mashed potatoes or beef, and pair it with a full bodied glass of Pinot Noir.

Stay tuned for new incredible flavors in 2018…