An Ancient Story with Contemporary Value

August 3, 2017

The story behind MACAR Ladotryi is one with ancient roots and contemporary value. Long before the time of refrigeration, the need to preserve cheese led the islanders on the Greek Island of Lesvos to store it in traditional clay containers filled with olive oil. They soon realized that the oil actually complimented the cheese’s characteristics as it matured, reaching an exceptional sharp flavor.

An incredible maturing practice was thus discovered leading to the name 'Ladotyri', meaning ‘oil cheese’ in Greek. Similar to ageing wine, the longer the cheese remains immersed in olive oil, the more unique the flavor becomes. The passing of time is marked by a distinct spicy flavor and an intense aroma, while the texture of the cheese becomes hard yet moist, due to the olive oil absorption.

Due to the technology that followed, ageing cheese in olive oil slowly became a lost tradition, until now practiced only by few islanders who recognize the unique flavor that come from 100% natural preservation and maturation in olive oil. MACAR Fine Products has revived this extraordinary tradition with value that goes beyond flavor, after discovering several health benefits.

MACAR Ladotyri is a source of Vitamin E, Omeg-6, and Oleic Acid, which contributes to the lowering of cholesterol. While the cheese itself is a product of protected designation of origin (PDO) due to its exotic island qualities, our pairing with Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil PDO adds to the premium quality of the cheese, as it is an olive oil of royal class that offers antioxidants significant to a Mediterranean diet.