1. How is this cheese classified in terms of the gourmet cheese classification?

Ladotyri is a specialty cheese that stands in class of its own. As a mature table cheese, its texture is semi-hard yet moist since it is drenched in olive oil.

2. How long is MACAR Ladotyri matured?

MACAR Ladotyri is matured for 3 months in dry conditions before it is immersed in olive oil. The olive oil is used not only as a means to preserve the cheese without refrigeration, it also allows the cheese to mature gracefully and reach a very unique flavor.

3. What are the best storage conditions?

MACAR Ladotyri can be stored in or out of the refrigerator. The olive oil alone preserves the cheese and allows for a unique maturing process, as long as it is stored in a cool, shaded place. However, refrigeration is also an option.

4. What happens if I place my jar in the refrigerator?

Refrigeration will prolong the lifetime of the cheese beyond the listed 'best before' consumption date. As it is 100% natural, low temperatures may cause the olive oil to thicken somewhat, but upon returning to room temperature, it will be ready for consumption.

5. How long can I allow my cheese to continue to mature?

Natives on the Greek Island of Lesvos are accustomed to maturing whole heads for several years. The longer the cheese remains immersed in olive, the spicier it becomes. Due to the small size of the diced Ladotyri offered to you by MACAR, the product is best consumed before 8 months from the packaging date.

6. Can I incorporate the mature cheese and olive oil in a meal?

Our cheese is ready for immediate consumption. Due to the premium quality and natural flavor of our products, we recommend that both the cheese be incorporated in cold meals, while the olive oil is ideal for the finishing of any Mediterranean style meal, or drizzling over vegetables, meat, and so many more delicious pairings.

7. Why Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil PDO?

The premium quality, the delicious flavor of the Koroneiki variety, the rich green color, the diligence of our olive oil farmers, are all elements which make this olive the superior choice for MACAR Ladotyri. The Extra Virgin classification also helps prolong the lifetime of the cheese.

8. Will the olive oil remain Extra Virgin over time?

MACAR Ladotyri is 100% natural. No preservatives are used to prolong the life of the product. The cheese and olive oil thus age naturally over time. However, the olive oil will remain at a premium level even in the latest period of consumption.

9. Can I preserve anything in olive oil?

Although an ancient tradition, MACAR FINE PRODUCTS has conducted extensive research specifically on the ageing of Ladotryi in olive oil so as to ensure premium production standards and achieve healthy, 100% natural maturation without the use of preservatives.

10. Is MACAR Ladotyri produced all year?

We are firm believers of “quality, not quantity”. Due to the fact that only the best quality of local island milk is used to produce our cheese, our annual quantity is limited. Our production takes place primarily in Spring, during which livestock graze on the island’s abundant fields and produce milk distinctly rich in flavor & aroma, as a result of the surrounding Aegean climate.