Introducing Our New Selection

September 25, 2018

After reviving the historic Ladotyri cheese, MACAR Fine Products continues its quest for premium Greek products and expands its dairy selection with new additions from the Greek Island of Lesvos. Dairy produced on the island is considered to be of the finest quality in Greece. The exclusive flavor and aroma of the local milk is derived from the local livestock, which graze on the island’s green pastures and enjoy its rich nutrients. Spicy hints of grass, the saltiness of the sea, and the purity of the fresh milk can all be sensed in one drop.

For this reason, dairy products produced on the island are distinguished as products of protected designation of origin, and can only be made using local milk from the island. Feta Mytlinis PDO is just one of the new cheese products MACAR now offers. Its sharp, exotic flavor is one that distinguishes it from other feta products, due to the fact that it is product from exotic local milk from the Greek Island of Lesvos. Its pure white, soft texture makes it perfect for the pairing with any Mediterranean meal and is also available with organic milk produced on the island.

In addition, the Ladotyri selection has also been extended to included 200g specialty jars and a ‘Saganaki’ version of the cheese. Ladotyri slices are actually ideal for the traditional Greek frying cheese, as they are soaked in Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil and do not require flour batter. By simply pouring the contents on a frying pan and searing each side of the cheese slice for approximately 3 minutes at medium heat, you can now enjoy ‘Saganaki’ in the comfort of your own home.

Stay tuned for new more selections in 2019…